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Collectibles collection of Pizarrock (11 items)
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Item name Category Year Authenticity
LA Burning - Sales pic. (400x400) LA Burning T-shirts - Short sleeves 2016 Authentic
An authentic shirt featuring "Bad Religion Est. 1980" on the front in red with "Los Angeles is burning" circled around it. S-2XL. Kings Road Merch from Jan 2016. "LA is burning on this super-soft 100% cotton, standard fit, pre-shrunk tee. Machine wash cool, tumble dry low."
Recipe For Hate Dogface - Front (1266x1000) Recipe For Hate Dogface T-shirts - Short sleeves 2011 Authentic
A newer version of the shirt featuring one of the dogheaded guys from the Recipe For Hate album cover over "Bad Religion" and "Recipe For Hate" in silver ink color. Sold by Kings Road Merch.
30 Years  - 1980 to 2010  - Front (1000x750) 30 Years - 1980 to 2010 T-shirts - Short sleeves 2010 Authentic
Sold only on the 30 years tour. The front of this rare shirt features the standard 'Bad Religion' text in red. The back features "1980-2010. 30 Years".
New Maps Of Hell - European Tour 2008 - Front (1289x1000) New Maps Of Hell - European Tour 2008 T-shirts - Short sleeves 2008 Authentic
A gray shirt featuring "Bad Religion" in red on a black LA city design on the front. On the back is "Bad Religion" in red-black, tour dates-cities and "European Tour 2008" in red. (Extra tidbit: This particular one was sold at the 'West Coast Riot 2008' -festival, Gothenburg, Sweden).
To top Posters, handbills & flags
Item name Category Year Authenticity
Bad Religion Crossbuster -Flag - Flag (750x1000) Bad Religion Crossbuster -Flag Flags 1995 Authentic
A Bad Religion flag featuring the classic Bad Religion-Crossbuster design. The Giant Merchandise Collection. Produced by Heart Rock Italy. This one sold at a Canadian music festival back in 1997.
To top Miscellaneous
Item name Category Year Authenticity
Crossbuster Yo-Yo - CB Yo-Yo (732x732) Crossbuster Yo-Yo Other miscellaneous 2016 Unknown
A wooden black yo-yo with the Crossbuster in both sides. Bought in Barcelona in July 2016. It had a sign next to it saying "Only 200 have been made. Please don't steal me".
Guitar Pick - Later Nerds - Front (697x697) Guitar Pick - Later Nerds Instruments and such 2016 Authentic
A guitar pick used by from Brian Baker in Barcelona, July 2016.
Crossbuster Rubber Keychain - Keychain (592x889) Crossbuster Rubber Keychain Other miscellaneous 2014 Authentic
A keychain with a 2-sided Crossbuster of rubber. Sold during the 2014 European tour.
Guitar Pick - Greg Hetson 4 Decades Of Punk - Back (247x288) Guitar Pick - Greg Hetson 4 Decades Of Punk Instruments and such 2009 Authentic
A white guitar pick with "Greg Hetson" and "4 Decades of Punk" written in red on their respective sides.
Standard Bad Religion -Patch - Front (746x352) Standard Bad Religion -Patch Buttons, pins & patches 2006 Authentic
Purchased at a show on the Process Of Belief tour.
Guitar Pick - Greg Hetson Guitar Pick - Greg Hetson's Silver Jubilee Instruments and such 2004 Authentic
A graphite gray guitar pick that celebrates the "Greg Hetson's Silver Jubilee".