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...You Give Up
Written by: Greg Graffin
Released in: 1983
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You've given it all you can,
And your life is in the garbage can,
And you say you're tired and dry,
Cuz your mind won't let you cry,
So you hang up what is left inside
And you want to kiss it all goodbye.

You're lost in space, you're swirling ever higher,
You're lost on your own, you're too far from home.
You're no one's friend, you gave it your best try yeah!
You're stuck in the drone, of being alone.

You turn to light, but all you get is darkness,
Your head turns to stone, your numbness has grown.
You're stuck inside your little world of rejects,
The good world unknown, you're stuck in the drone.
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Version Length Release Catalog ID Country Format Year
Album version
3:02 Into The Unknown epitaph1 United States 12" 2018
3:02 Into The Unknown 87120-1 // EPI-BRLP2 United States 12" 2010
3:02 Into The Unknown EPI-BRLP 02 United States 12" 1983
3:02 Into The Unknown EPI-BRLP2 United States 12" 1983
Not specified
3:37 Split: Into the Unknown/ Back to the Known Russia MC 2019
3:37 Into The Unknown N/A United States 8-Track 2018
3:37 Into The Unknown n/a United States CD 2004
Into The Unknown epi-bripcd1 | EPI-BRCD United States CD 2004
3:37 Into The Unknown n/a United States CD 2004
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