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Atomic Garden
Written by: Brett Gurewitz
Released in: 1991
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Everybody wants to dance in a playpen,
But nobody wants to play in my garden.
I see the hippies on an angry line,
Guess they don't get my meaning.
I'm enchanted by the birds in my blossoms,
I'm enamored by young lovers on the weekend,
I like the Fourth of July
When bombs start flashing...

And I wish I had a shiny red top,
A bugle with a big brass bell would cheer me up
Or maybe something bigger that could really go pop!
So I could make the gardening stop.

Come out to play, come out to play,
And we'll pretend it's Christmas Day
In my atomic...

All my scientists are working on a deadline,
So my psychologist is working day and nighttime,
They say they know what's best for me.
But they don't know what they're doing.
And I'm glad I'm not Gorbachev
'Cause I'd wiggle all night
Like jelly in a pot.
At least he's got a garden with a fertile plot
And a party that will never stop.

Come out to play, come out to play,
And we'll pretend it's Christmas Day
In my atomic...

I hope there's nothing wrong out there,
I'm watching from the room inside my room.

Come out to play, come out to play,
And we'll pretend it's Christmas Day
In my atomic garden!

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Version Length Release Catalog ID Country Format Year
Album version
3:11 Generator E-86416-1 | 86416-1LIM United States 12" 2014
3:11 Generator E-86416-1 | 86416-1GRA United States 12" 2014
3:11 Generator E 86416-1 United States 12" 2010
3:11 Generator Russia CD 2007
3:11 Generator 6389-2 Brazil CD 2004
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3:11 Generator 86704-2 Europe CD 2004
3:11 Generator 86704-2 United States CD 2004
3:11 Generator 6704-2 Europe CD 2004
Big Bang 24030-423 Europe VHS 1992
Video live 1991
Big Bang n/a Europe DVD 2004
Video live @ Palladium, 11/20/2004
Live At The Palladium 6659-9 Europe DVD 2006
Live At The Palladium 86659-9 United States DVD 2006
Live At The Palladium H-716 China DVD 2005
Not specified
3:31 Atomic Garden n/a Europe VHS 1995
Generator tbd United States CD 1992
3:10 Generator 1738 Poland MC 1992
3:10 Atomic Garden SFTRI158 United States 7" 1991
3:10 Atomic Garden SFTRI158 United States 7" 1991
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Info from 'The Answer'
Song meaning Brett: "Atomic Garden is an anti-nuke song, about the stupidity of having more than one nuclear bomb on the earth."<ref>Roger Vulture interview with Brett (1996)</ref>
Inspirations Brett tried to model Atomic Garden after an Elvis Costello kind of song.<ref> The Big Takeover #55 (2004)</ref>
Video The videoclip (filmed and edited by Gore Verbinsky) can be found in the Big Bang video. "This video was shot entirely in the old Epitaph warehouse. We had a smoke machine, some black cloth, a chair, a window frame, and the overactive imagination of our friend and director Gore Verbinski. ... More
Release The song was first released on Sympathy For The Record Industry as a 7" in 1991. The cover artwork was done by The Pizz, just as the etchings on the vinyl.
Live During Atomic Garden in Las Vegas in 1999 Greg replaced Gorbachev's name with that of Slobodan Milosevic (that was in the middle of the bombing of Serbia). At the end of the Live At The Palladium version of the song, Jay was talking about the war, since during that timeframe the war and how people... More
Trivia Brett played piano on the song.<ref> The Big Takeover #32 (1992)</ref> The talking at the end of the original recording is just some radio program. Live, Jay just makes up stuff. Jay: "on the original recording, it was a radio pro... More
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