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Automatic Man
Written by: Brett Gurewitz
Released in: 1989
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He's the latest superhero with powers so profound.
He can leap a dotted line in just a single bound.
I know you must have seen him in books and magazines.
He's the quintessential mindless modern epicene.

His life is meaningful because he gets things done.
Bang bang he's dead, chalk up another triumph for our hero,
The Automatic Man.

It's true you must have met him, he's your best friend and your foe.
His opinions are determined by the status quo.
A true creature of habit, he smokes three packs a day.
When he has an original thought, he forgets it right away.

He's a paradigm of carefree living.
He's our mentor, disturb him if you can.
He's the answer if your peace of mind is lacking.
He's our savior, he is the common man.

So if you are troubled by the daily bump and grind,
Then take another look around and brother you will find...
The Automatic Man.

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Version Length Release Catalog ID Country Format Year
Album version
1:41 No Control E86406-1 United States 12" 2014
1:41 No Control E-86406-1TPK United States 12" 2014
1:41 No Control E-86406-1 United States 12" 2010
1:41 No Control E-86406-1 United States 12" 2009
1:41 No Control Russia CD 2007
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1:41 No Control n/a United States MC 2004
1:41 No Control 86702-2 United States CD 2004
1:41 No Control 6702-2 Europe CD 2004
1:41 No Control E-86702-2 Australia CD 2004
1:41 No Control Europe CD 2004
Show 1 more
Video live 1991
Big Bang n/a Europe DVD 2004
Big Bang 24030-423 Europe VHS 1992
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Song meaning It is about the danger of not thinking before acting or more concisely, complacency in general.
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