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Crisis Time
Written by: Greg Graffin
Released in: 2013
Lyrics - Album version
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There's a feeling about myself that I can't understand
It's a foreboding sense that I see all around the land

When the wheel of fortune turns progressively depraved
It's the manifestation of a biospheric decay

Keep yourself in line, there's no design
The new paradigm is crisis time

Luxury was privilege and I knew it all along
But to let human reason get trumped by emotion is wrong

All the bonds were broken when I said I loved you so
But rejection of a fantasy is just a way to help you grow

Keep yourself in line, there's no design
The new paradigm is crisis time

There's a feeling about myself, I feel it oh so strong
It's a romantic notion and I've cared about it far too long

On the crest of progress we can't balance on the wave
If the measure of success is only tallied in the lives we save

Keep yourself in line, there's no design
the new paradigm is crisis time


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Guitar Chords 02/08/2013
A quick tab of the main riff and the song chords. It´s probably transposed somewhat.
Bass Tabs 02/17/2013
No info available
Guitar Chords 03/11/2013
Another version of crisis time, I did it by ear.
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Version Length Release Catalog ID Country Format Year
Album version
2:39 True North EICP-1569 Japan CD 2013
2:39 True North 87228-1 United States 12" 2013
2:39 True North 7228-I Europe 12" 2013
2:39 True North 7228-I Europe 12" 2013
2:39 True North 87228-I United States 12" 2013
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