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Quote of the day: "The sheltering sky was to be my everlasting lullaby." - The Island
Written by: unknown
Released in: 2019
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<p>It's never really clear when the end is near
'Til you take a hard look in the rearview mirror
And I'm pretty sure we're just running on fumes
No one really cares about the routes

Beaches break down and the waves retreat
Are we stuck in some perpetual repeat?
Maybe we're like massive cliffs of sand
Waiting for the plates to smash again

Downfall, gravity calls
Entropy makes fools of us all
Downfall, you can't forestall
It's proof there ain't no invisible hand

No one 'round here can contain their fears
So contented with false hope to soothe their tears
Faith is King while truth is on the lam
Disenfranchised scientists be damned!

Downfall, gravity calls
Entropy makes fools of us all
Downfall, it's a natural law
And the judge don't have no use for the witness stand

Downfall, it's a natural law
Entropy makes fools of us all
Downfall, kill the guy with the ball
And make sure he can't get up to take a stand


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Version Length Release Catalog ID Country Format Year
Album version
2:36 Age of Unreason United States CD 2019
2:36 Age of Unreason Europe CD 2019
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