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Germs Of Perfection
Written by: Greg Graffin
Released in: 2007
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Lacerate eviscerate and perforate and mutilate
We all fall down, all fall down
Deprecate repudiate ameliorate adjudicate
The wisdom found, wisdom found

Clip the wings of progress, turn the direction
Enrich the fallow soil with germs of perfection

Delegate facilitate investigate and obviate
The black turns green, black turns green
Separate evaluate and cultivate and propagate
The master's dream, master's dream

Sing the fears of history with renewed inflection
View the lost agenda with a skeptic's intention

Machine of life, oh can we make it run?
We have the tools, but have only just begun
Machine of life, oh can we make it run?
The calculations of a greater sum

Clip the wings of progress, turn the direction
Enrich the fallow soil with germs of perfection

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1:27 New Maps of Hell 86863-1SMO (SMOKE) United States 12" 2015
1:27 New Maps of Hell 80803-1 United States 12" 2010
1:27 New Maps of Hell RAD 6005 Brazil CD 2009
1:27 New Maps of Hell 86914-2 United States CD 2008
1:27 New Maps of Hell 86914-2 Europe CD 2008
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Live @ House of Blues 2010
30 Years Live 99977-1 United States 12" 2016
30 Years Live United States DL 2010
The Dissent of Man EICP-1415-6 Japan CD 2010
30 Years Live EICP-1415-6 Japan CD 2010
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