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My Poor Friend Me
Written by: Greg Graffin
Released in: 1993
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I know a man who doesn't have many friends,
I know a place he lives where trouble never ends,
I know it's hard for him to read 'tween the lines,
And his days are getting so much shorter.

He simply turns away and dawns a bitter frown,
His world is crumbling, his ship is weighted down,
He doesn't care as long as he can wear a crown,
I know this man all too well...

It's my poor friend me,
A portrayal of the great dichotomy. (Great dichotomy)
It's my poor friend me
And I'm running out of steam.

I know there are people who are cynical and vain,
They point their finger cuz they can't accept the blame,
They live their lives under a blanket of shame
And their progeny crawl from underneath it.

Lately I've come to see the solution,
And it begins with me.
But I'm so fallibly human,
I've picked the lock but will not turn the key.

A people running scared we live, breed and die,
All too aware that time is slipping on by,
We have solutions but don't even try
And I feel I know just who to blame.

It's my poor friend me,
A reminder of a tragic history. (Tragic history)
It's my poor friend me
And I'm running out of steam.

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2:42 Recipe For Hate 86420-1 United States 12" 2017
2:42 Recipe For Hate OXX 1048-1 | 107 366 Brazil CD 2016
2:42 Recipe For Hate 86420-1TBR United States 12" 2015
2:42 Recipe For Hate 86420-1 United States 12" 2010
2:42 Recipe For Hate Russia CD 2007
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Against the Grain / Recipe for Hate BYCD-019 South Korea CD 1997
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