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Raise Your Voice
Written by: Greg Graffin
Released in: 1998
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Fa fa fafa fa fa fafa
Raise Your Voice! [4x]

Don't be played like someone else's board game.
Don't be classed out like some desolate redoubt.
Don't be misled, you've got a lot on your head
And nobody's gonna pay attention when you are dead.

Fa fa fafa fa fa fafa
Raise Your Voice! [4x]

It's the primary rule, you gotta wanna be fooled.
It's our daunted restraint that keeps us silent in shame.
It's our nature to be adversarial and free,
Our evolution didn't hinge on passivity.

Fa fa fafa fa fa fafa
Raise Your Voice! [ad infinitum]

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Version Length Release Catalog ID Country Format Year
Album version
2:55 No Substance 6997-3 Europe 12" 2018
2:55 No Substance 6997-1 Europe 12" 2013
2:55 No Substance 6997-1 Europe 12" 2013
2:55 No Substance 6997-1 United States 12" 2010
2:55 No Substance CPT-2007 South Korea MC 2007
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Featuring Campino
2:55 No Substance 6997-2 Europe CD 2008
2:55 No Substance 489570-8 Germany MD 1998
2:55 No Substance DRA 489570 4 Germany MC 1998
2:55 No Substance DRA 489570 1 Germany 12" 1998
2:55 No Substance DRA 489570 2 Germany CD 1998
Show 4 more
Rough mix
2:55 No Substance Dragnet 166 Austria CD 1998
Punk Rock Songs (The Epic Years) 202585 9 Germany DVD 2004
Punk Rock Songs (The Epic Years) 9-202585 Mexico DVD 2004
Not specified
2:55 Punk Rock Songs (The Epic Years) n/a Malaysia MC 2009
2:55 Punk Rock Songs (The Epic Years) EPC507628 2 Germany CD 2002
2:55 Punk Rock Songs (The Epic Years) EPC 507628 9 Germany CD 2002
2:55 Punk Rock Songs (The Epic Years) South Korea CD 2002
2:55 Punk Rock Songs (The Epic Years) EICP-96 Japan CD 2002
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Info from 'The Answer'
Single Raise Your Voice was the first single from No Substance and was released in Europe one or two weeks before the album. Inside the CD there is a picture of the band with Campino, the singer of Die Toten Hosen, who also appeared in the promo video. When Greg Graffin first saw the single (on the cover ... More
Versions There are two versions of Raise Your Voice. The version on the European release of No Substance has Campino singing a number of lines. All other releases contain the version where Campino can only be heard in the backing vocals. As of 2019, the European verison is the version featured on the ... More
Song meaning According to Graffin, the song is about the band's central theme, not to blindly follow any leader. There are too many rabble rousers in politics, religion, and the media.<ref>http://www.thebrpage.net/media/item.asp?itemID=678 Spiegel.de (1998)</ref>
Music video The video was shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, where Robert F. Kennedy was killed in 1968. It was directed by the German director Kai Sehr. Approximately 20 actors were involved.
Inspiration Graffin wrote the song after seeing a news report about an attack on an American abortion clinic, where two employees were killed by an anti-abortionist. None of the doctors had the courage to intervene because they feared another attack. According to Greg, everyone who doesn't have the courage (ou... More
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