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The Kids Are Alt-Right
Written by: unknown
Released in: 2019
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<p>Jackboots cracking on a polished floor
Red hats gathered in the liquor store
Pure hearts race on a crystal night

Everybody, grab a torch to light
Everybody, need somebody, join the party

The kids are Alt-Right today
Now grab your partner and do-si-do
Populism is a sold-out show
Humanity is a nowhere scene
When everybody has an AR-15

Everybody, need somebody, join the party
The kids are Alt-Right today

We love God, we love our women
We love tradition, we love kin
We've got shiny new tools
For ancient impulses that we can't even understand
So if you feel alone and downtrodden
There's an elixir for your ills
Join the Alt-Right post-light endarkenment order
And the rest of those bastards can go to hell
Alternative facts, alternative lies
Alternative names, alternative tribes

Everybody, let's get bloody, join the party
The kids are Alt-Right today


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Version Length Release Catalog ID Country Format Year
Not specified
2:43 Age of Unreason 7636-2 Europe CD 2019
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