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Written by: Greg Graffin
Released in: 1992
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Every day we profit so,
Leaning towards the great unknown,
Asking how it pertains to tomorrow.

Aim for places we've not been,
Trample paths that go between,
Yesterday's foundations and tomorrow.

It's the way they say it's got to be,
We spear ahead and forge our destiny.
Who do they represent?
Who do you believe?
Make a sound decision for others to heed.

Try to set a faster pace,
Try to build a master race,
One that will make a contribution to tomorrow.

It's the way they say it's got to be,
We put aside our fears and make history.
The clothes are in the dryer and the writing is on the wall,
We're doing everything we can to stop this fall.

Everyday we profit so,
Leaning towards the great unknown.

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1:56 Generator E-86416-1 | 86416-1LIM United States 12" 2014
1:56 Generator E-86416-1 | 86416-1GRA United States 12" 2014
1:56 Generator E 86416-1 United States 12" 2010
1:56 Generator Russia CD 2007
1:56 Generator ESCA-6111 Japan CD 1995
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1:54 Tested EPIT-69952 Europe CD 2008
1:54 Tested DRA 486986 1 Germany 2x12" 1997
1:54 Tested DRA 486986 2 Germany CD 1997
1:54 Tested Esca 6658 Japan CD 1997
1:54 Tested 486986-4 Turkey MC 1997
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Live @ House of Blues 2010
30 Years Live United States DL 2010
The Dissent of Man EICP-1415-6 Japan CD 2010
30 Years Live EICP-1415-6 Japan CD 2010
1:56 Generator 86704-2 Europe CD 2004
1:56 Generator 86704-2 United States CD 2004
1:56 Generator 6704-2 Europe CD 2004
Not specified
1:56 Generator 1738 Poland MC 1992
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