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Written by: Greg Graffin
Released in: 1988
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<p>I've seen a lot of things in five years,
I struggle just to hold back the tears,
But every-fucking-where I go, I see the pathos that I know
Will spell the termination of us all.

Someone's got to tell me, do you see
That everything around you has a hidden tragedy?
Seeds of happiness have never found a place to grow,
And our generation doesn't know.

When, when will you try
To change the logarithmic pace of kissing things goodbye?
When, when will you know
That human life is so short, and death is oh-so-slow?

I've tried to make things make sense, but I can't,
I'm happy just to watch them all and laugh.
And if you think you've got it made,
Just revel in your selfish ways,
'Cause when the world stops turning, so will you!

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Version Length Release Catalog ID Country Format Year
Album version
1:40 Suffer 86404-1TGN United States 12" 2015
1:40 Suffer E-86404 United States 12" 2010
1:40 Suffer E-86404 United States 12" 2009
1:40 Suffer JBR 26167-071 Malaysia MC 2002
1:40 Suffer ESCA-6153 Japan CD 1995
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Live video
The Riot Unknown Argentina DVD 2014
The Riot K0012 | AA0015000 Brazil DVD 2014
The Riot DR-4530 United States DVD 2009
The Riot DR-4530 United States DVD 2006
The Riot DR-4315 United States DVD 2000
Show 3 more
Live video, August 1989
Along The Way 6414-9 Europe DVD 2004
Along The Way 86414-9 United States DVD 2004
Along The Way E86414-3 United States VHS 1991
Along The Way n/a Germany VHS 1990
1:40 Suffer 6701-2 Europe CD 2004
1:40 Suffer 86701-2 United States CD 2004
1:40 Suffer E-86701-2 Australia CD 2004
1:40 Suffer 6390-2 Brazil CD 2000
Not specified
1:40 Suffer E-6404-2 Europe CD 1988
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