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Pawns Of The Apocalypse
Bad Religion
1 track
Pawns Of The Apocalypse - MC - 1990
Label: Thrasher Magazine Catalog ID: SR9
Country: United States Barcode:
Format MC Matrix / Run-out #:
Release date: 1/1/1990 Disc / Label details:
Misc: 1 track - Compilation - Sampler
Remark: Cassette no 9 in a classic series of tapes labeled Skate Rock compiled by music editor and photographer Mörizen Möche aka MoFo at High Speed Productions Inc aka Thrasher Magazine 1983-90.
  • Pawns Of The Apocalypse - Front (532x709)
    By: jchan
  • Pawns Of The Apocalypse - Cassette (709x532)
    By: jchan
  • Pawns Of The Apocalypse - Complete series (425x319)
    Complete series
    By: jchan
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    Song title Song writer(s) Version Length Interpretations
    A 1 Greg Graffin 5
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