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Jello Biafra with Bad Religion
Bad Religion
2 tracks
Jello Biafra with Bad Religion - 7" - 1991
Label: Alternative Epitaples Catalog ID: n/a
Country: Germany Barcode: n/a
Format 7" Matrix / Run-out #: n/a
Release date: 1/1/1991 Disc / Label details: Cover: Pink / Vinyl: Black
Misc: Bootleg! - 2 tracks - Split - Limited 200 - Paper sleeve
Remark: Released by a (German) fan club. Apparently there are two different versions: a 'Jello' sleeve (limited to 200(?) copies) with a comic printed on the back cover and second version that has a xeroxed sleeve with a hand written 'Black Humor' logo and an insert with the comic and a few comments. There's are no songs on it, just some mixed samples of Jay's voice (most likely to be taken from interviews).
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    By: Jesse
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