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We're Not The Damned
Bad Religion
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We're Not The Damned - 12" - 1990
Label: n/a Catalog ID: BAD-001
Country: Germany Barcode: n/a
Format 12" Matrix / Run-out #: Side A: 150 150 1A HM | Side B: 150 150 1B HM
Release date: 1/1/1990 Disc / Label details: Vinyl: Black / Label: White
Misc: Bootleg! - 0 tracks - Paper sleeve
Remark: Recorded live at the Arena in Vienna, Austria on August 28th, 1989. Cover is plain white with a xeroxed sheet stuck to it. Second pressing with a cover xeroxed from the original. Both the cover and the sound quality are a little worse compared to the first pressing. This bootleg is also released on CD named 'Hate Yourself.'
Comes with a plain white backside.
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