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American Jesus - U-matic - 1993
Label: Atlantic Records Catalog ID: n/a
Country: United States Barcode: No barcode
Format U-matic Matrix / Run-out #:
Release date: 1/1/1993 Disc / Label details:
Misc: 2 tracks - Promo - Keep case
  • American Jesus - Front (659x993)
    By: Jesse
  • American Jesus - Tape (1563x1000)
    By: Jesse
  • American Jesus - Side (175x993)
    By: Jesse
  • Tracklist
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    Song title Song writer(s) Version Length Interpretations
    1 Greg Graffin, Brett Gurewitz Remix 3:17 84
    2 Greg Graffin, Brett Gurewitz Live 3:09 84
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