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Special! Tape Me Home! - Cover 1 (375x446)
Article | Magazine 11/1/2001
It‘s A.P.‘s guide to home recording with product spotlights on the coolest new gear, along with testimonials and advice from DJ Swamp, Richie Hawtin, Bad Religion‘s Brett Gurewitz and former Nine Inch Nails drummer/programmer Chris "tweaker" Vrenna.
Note: This article is not yet available here!
Source: Alternative Press, no. 160.2 / 160.3, November 2001
With: Brett Gurewitz
The Violence. The Drugs. The Death. - Page 1 (1017x1400)
Article | Magazine 1/1/2001 English PDF/JPEG
No synopsis available
Source: Kerrang (2001) (United Kingdom)
With: Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin, Greg Hetson
21st Century Soccer Boy - Die Punk-Urväter Gegen den FC St. Pauli - Cover (569x800)
Article | Magazine 10/1/2000 German
No synopsis available
Source: Uncle Sally*s #60 (October 2000) (Germany)
With: Jay Bentley
Building The New America - Cover (583x782)
Article | Magazine 6/1/2000 English
No synopsis available
Source: EQ Magazine June 2000
With: Brian Baker, Greg Graffin
Go For A Walk Through Time - Cover (300x340)
Article | Magazine 5/28/2000 English
No synopsis available
Source: Exclaim!
The State of Bad Religion address - No image (300x340)
Article | Magazine 1/13/1999 English
"Still Punk, After All These Years: Bad Religion’s Career Spans Punk History"
This is from SLAMM, a free 'zine in San Diego. There's bits of interviews with Graffin and mostly Brian.
Source: SLAMM Magazine #99 (January 1999) (United States)
With: Brian Baker, Greg Graffin
La scelta di Brett - Cover (796x1100)
Article | Magazine 1/1/1999 Italian PDF/JPEG
Article/ interview with Jeff Abarta about Epitaph. Also a short interview with Brett (page 4).
Source: Rock Sound Punk Special (January 1999) (Italy)
With: Brett Gurewitz
Review of Graffin
Article | Magazine 12/1/1998 English
A review of Greg Graffin's speech that he held on November 6th 1998 at the CMJ Music fest.
Source: CMJ report #4
Substance over style - No image (796x1100)
Article | Magazine 12/1/1998 English
No synopsis available
Source: myLaunch
Warped Speed - Cover (380x525)
Article | Magazine 9/1/1998 English
Written by Greg Graffin.
Source: Details Magazine
Corporate Punk Still Rocks - Cover (394x500)
Article | Magazine 7/1/1998 English
An interview with Brian Baker, Greg Graffin, Bobby Schayer and Greg Hetson (partially via a conference call). The band members talk about the 'dying' punk scene, No Substance, and England.
Source: Alternative Press #120 (July 1998) (United States)
With: Bobby Schayer, Brian Baker, Greg Graffin, Greg Hetson
Campino rockt mit Bad Religion - Page 1 (1046x1400)
Article | Magazine 1/1/1998 German PDF/JPEG
No synopsis available
Source: Bravo (1998) (Germany)
Legendás Pályafutás - Cover (991x1400)
Article | Magazine 8/1/1997 Hungarian PDF/JPEG
Hungarian article about the history of Bad Religion up until Tested.
Source: Rozsdaszín Párduc (August 1997) (Hungary)
Addicted to the Opiate of the Masses - Cover (1075x1400)
Article | Magazine 5/23/1997 English PDF/JPEG
No synopsis available
Source: Goldmine #439 (United States)
With: Bobby Schayer, Greg Graffin, Jay Bentley
Bad Religion - Im Juni bei uns auf Tour - Page 1 (989x1400)
Article | Magazine 5/1/1996 German PDF/JPEG
No synopsis available
Source: Bravo May 1996 (Germany)
With: Brian Baker, Greg Graffin
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