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3/25/2010 - Hollywood, CA
By: steinmoney | 03/26/2010 at 01:46
Honestly, the best BR show I've been to. The set list was perfect. Not far off from the rest of the set lists, but for a 2 night stint, they divided the songs between the 2 nights perfectly. This was the 3rd show I've seen on the 30th Anniversary tour and I was happy to hear a lot of the songs that I had missed on the San Diego dates.

Brett seemed to really be enjoying himself tonight. Dr. Greg said a lot of their parents were there tonight.

What really made it great was the perfect spot I had. On the floor, right next the sound booth, standing on this ledge in this perfect little nook that was made for a shorter guy like myself.

Fantastic show. Already fiending for more. Until next week..