Sowing the seeds of utopia-No substance
Tabbed by Jonatan Fried ( 

This song is played with open chords, Hm becomes H5 and so on. 


C    G  D          C         G    D 
We all know politicians only go 
      C    G     D             C    G    D 
just half-way there, just half-way there 
     C    G            D                   C         G      D 
the innocence of youth needs protection not abuse 
      C        G            D          C         G           D 
but no one seems to care, yet no one seems to care 


Em            C            G                            D 
And you sit there and watch the world go around 
                Em          C           G          D 
from your pseudo-benevolent vantage point 
        Em                    C                    G     D 
while we who've been left to pick up after you 
           Em                        C                    D 
try our best to make some sense for those who 
        C  G  D 
come next 


       Em                C 
You forgot how to care 
       Em                C 
you forgot how to provide 
       Em                C 
you forgot how to work 
                D              G 
towards a meaningful life 

That's about it!