In so many ways-No substance
Tabbed by Jonatan Fried 

This song is played with open chords, Hm becomes H5 and so on. 


Am               G                    F 
I can see the shadows on the wall 
Am               G                 F 
drifting as the leafs start to fall 
C                                 G 
unfazed by rugosity the objects yield to gravity 
Am                F            Am 
and depict the fate of us all 
G   F  Am  G   E 
all all aaaalllllllllllllllll        (I know that comes after the second part, but I don't have the energy to type that one) 


Am           F                       C            G 
In so many ways we live to follow the sun 
Am           F                C                  G 
in so many ways we exalt and fail as one 
Am           F                        C              G 
in so many ways we want so bad to be done 
Am           F                           C        G  Am 
in so many ways we show our pain in unison 
G   F    Am   F    G 
unison uuuunisoooon 
Solo chords: 

Am    G    F 
That's about it!