It's Reciprocal 

Transcription by Jordan Wyllie
Corrections comments etc.
The rhythm is a little tricky but I have faith in you. You'll figure it out. 
I really hope it's like this the whole song. They don't always play all the
notes as shown the first time but it basically stays the same.

Intro A    A G F E
A         C               G  C   B
Hoarding turns allure to discontent
Altruism's a grind all its own
Mourning makes you know your inner self
But love is just as pure as you both
(E F)high DX3         last time(E F G)high
Its reciprocal
When two love its medaphysical
Venal desires we learn to beset
You and me we've got a special thing
But I want you to never forget
It's reciprocal
Each bedtime I 
Stire with regret
Guilty and vein
Hoping for ret
Charrity's immune from my demands
I dont expect a thing from the weak
But you my love are measured and compared
Predisposed to my profane decree