Only Entertainment
Jody Beaulac

F# F# D E F# F# D B E

Main rythm:
F# F# D E A E
F# F# D B E

(w/ main rythm)
Transfixated on the big blue screen
Your window to the outside, a meloncholy dream
A medium upon which you build reality
This episodic currency that everybody needs

Somebody's deliver lulls you to sleep
The man behind the weather map
The editor in cheif
They control two worlds of power and disease
And you cannot suppress your curiousity

F# F# F# F#

         D  E      F#
See it's only entertainment

D           E        B              C#
Superficial urgency, posterboard mentality

D  E      F#
Only entertainment

D           E            A         B
Tightly constrained, the buzz that remains

       E        D      A       F# F# D E
Is the story of how we run our lives

Many of the people are poor and suffering
From the lack of coverage from the transmission beam
And if it ever gets here you'll be offended to
'cause you cannot distinguish chicanery from truth

See it's only entertainment
A superficial episode as life continues to unfold
Only entertainment
Controlled and copied, they planted the seed
That sprouts into your picture of the world

F# F#

E                F#  
Can't someone protect me

D      A    B    C#
Turn away, turn away

From this electron beam
Hey you Mr. FCC
Have you no advise for me?

     D   E      F#
It's only entertainment

D  E        F#
Only entertainment