Portrait Of Authority
Jody Beaulac

Rythm 1 (4x)

C A# C A# C A# C A# C A# C A# C  A#

C                     A#       C           A#         C           G
Nothing more, nothing less, an icon on the wall, decoration and duress

C                         A#  C             A#             C    G
That which many strive to be, it's a marble statue staring over me

C     G            C               A#    C    G             C
And nobody has the will to tear it down, it determins wrong and right

C      G              C     A#    C                        G
But to me it's just a stereotype, and it makes us lose our sight

G                          C            A#     D
The portrait of authority, (portrait of authority)

            G                            C               D     A#
You tell me that's what I'm supposed to be, (portrait of authority)

Rythm 1 (4x)

(continue w/ lyrics)
Another time, another man
An oppressive intrusion and a plague across his land
And it haunts him every day
It tells him that he has no chance, his options fade away

And he lives his life prepared to tear it down
But he can't muster the support
And to him it's just a stereotype of his life-long fight

The portrait of authority (portrait of authority)
It embodies what he cannot be (portrait of authority)
It's what he cannot be