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Quote of the day: "So many walking parallel and pull their blinders tight, so few offer apology and accept others' rights" - Shades Of Truth
The Answer
The bits and pieces of information here presented have been gleaned from a variety of sources by Roger Vulture over many years of ridiculous devotion to Bad Religion.
The guide assumes some previous knowledge of badreligionology and it currently contains 514 articles, ranging from the more reasonably interesting facts to some downright pathetic trivia.
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05/11 New Dark Ages wrong planet
05/11 Atheist Peace wrong planet
05/11 Materialist wrong planet
08/11 Robin Hood in Reverse Marty
08/09 Dharma and the Bomb Marty
08/06 Guest Musicians Marty
08/06 True North (album) Marty
08/05 Land Of Competition wrong planet
07/16 The Sound Of Hollywood Vol. 2: Destroy L.A. wrong planet
04/08 Germs Of Perfection wrong planet
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02/10 Books wrong planet
11/18 References to Bad Religion wrong planet
11/18 Anesthesia wrong planet
11/18 Movies wrong planet
07/31 Brett -departure wrong planet
07/31 The Offspring wrong planet
06/01 Covers wrong planet
05/17 The New America (album) wrong planet
05/17 The Gray Race (album) wrong planet
05/11 Grains Of Wrath wrong planet
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