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Quote of the day: "As we outwardly deny that they have something to say, and if we don't confront them they will never go away" - Tiny Voices
The Answer
The bits and pieces of information here presented have been gleaned from a variety of sources by Roger Vulture over many years of ridiculous devotion to Bad Religion.
The guide assumes some previous knowledge of badreligionology and it currently contains 515 articles, ranging from the more reasonably interesting facts to some downright pathetic trivia.
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New articles
08/11 Everything Turned Sour Marty
08/05 Wes Geer Stinger66
07/22 Christmas Songs (album) Stinger66
07/17 Age of Unreason (album) Stinger66
06/23 Someone Got Their Head Kicked In! Marty
06/22 Die Heilige Schrift Marty
06/15 Candidate wrong planet
06/02 Goleta Valley Community Center Marty
05/27 LADS Marty
05/26 Big Black Dog Marty
Updated articles
09/19 Suffer (album) Stinger66
09/19 Raise Your Voice Stinger66
09/19 Age of Unreason (album) Stinger66
09/19 True North (album) Stinger66
09/19 Brett -departure Stinger66
09/18 B-sides Stinger66
09/04 Board Aid Stinger66
09/04 Recipe For Hate (album) Stinger66
09/03 Stranger Than Fiction (album) Stinger66
08/25 Bad Religion Day Stinger66
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