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Posters, handbills & flags
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Item name Category Year Authenticity
Stranger Than Fiction Poster - Front (410x412)
Release Unknown Unknown
12" x 12" - Unknown paper quality - Stranger Than Fiction poster featuring the photograph used for the album cover.
Struck A Nerve - No title (750x750)
Posters Unknown Unknown
14" x 18" - Unknown paper quality - Radio promotion poster for Struck A Nerve/Recipe For Hate.
Suffer by Urbnpop - Poster (647x1000)
Misc Unknown Unknown
17'' x 11'' - Unknown paper quality - A poster featuring a photoshop edited design of the classic Suffer album artwork. Limited to 20 copies.
The Grace Race Poster - Front (718x1000)
Release Unknown Unknown
59.4 x 84.1 cm - Unknown paper quality - Poster for The Gray Race featuring the various gray scale head shots used for the album cover.
The Gray Race -Poster - Bootleg! (717x996)
Release Unknown Bootleg
84 x 60 cm - Unknown paper quality - An unofficial The Gray Race poster printed in Germany.
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