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Item name Category Year Authenticity
Metal crossbuster - Front (824x828)
Metal crossbuster - Back (960x821)
Other miscellaneous Unknown Authentic
Promo metal crossbuster (for selected record stores).
Promotional Aluminium Crossbuster - Front (1035x969)
Promotional Aluminium Crossbuster - Back (1131x1000)
Other miscellaneous Unknown Authentic
A crossbuster plate out of aluminium. Pressed into shape and painted with the classic BR colors. Approx. 32cm in diameter.
Recipe For Hate Band Picture Postcard - Postcard (814x1000)
Other miscellaneous Unknown Bootleg
An unauthentic postcard, in the measures 10x15cm, featuring the Recipe For Hate album booklet art around the band picture found in the album booklet.
Recipe For Hate Postcard -  (711x1000)
Other miscellaneous Unknown Authentic
A postcard featuring the 'Recipe For Hate' album artwork.
Skelehawk -Button - Front (400x400)
Buttons, pins & patches Unknown Authentic
The nowaday classic Skelehawk (aka Angry Andy) design on a 1'' pinback button. Kings Road Merchandise.
Suffer Songbook - Cover (370x450)
Suffer Songbook - Index (429x640)Suffer Songbook - Example page (800x600)
Other miscellaneous Unknown Authentic
Japanese songbook containing tablature for all songs on the Suffer album.
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