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T-shirts - Short sleeves
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Item name Category Year Authenticity
Time Bomb Tee (Gray) - Front (600x600)
T-shirts - Short sleeves Unknown Unknown
Unknown manufacturer - Gray - A Bad Religion t-shirt design by Kyle Crawford. Apparently not for sale.
Typewriter crossbuster Tee (White) - Typewriter Crossbuster (T-Shirt) (1001x1001)
T-shirts - Short sleeves Unknown Authentic
Unknown manufacturer - White - On the front there's a white Bad Religion text logo on a black background. Underneath a gray/black crossbuster. Across the design there's vague typewriter text. Sold by Kingsroad Merch.
Worn Crossbuster Tee (Black) - Front (1283x1000)
Worn Crossbuster Tee (Black) - Back (762x1000)
T-shirts - Short sleeves Unknown Authentic
TSP Merchandise - Black - A shirt featuring "Bad Religion" and a worn crossbuster on the front. Sold in Australia.
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