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Collectibles collection of punkrockjustin (3 items)
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Item name Category Year Authenticity
Suffer Zip Hoodie - Front And Back (1000x1000) Suffer Zip Hoodie Hoodies & sweaters 2012 Authentic
This official zip up hoodie reads Suffer across the front. The back reads "Bad Religion", and has a red and black suffer boy with a white crossbuster on his back. The official Bad Religion store's description for this hoodie reads "Take a Classic. Make it Modern. Never lose what made the classic so exquisite in the beginning."
Bad Religion - Suffer Crossbuster Sufferboy - Front (1329x1000) Bad Religion - Suffer Crossbuster Sufferboy T-shirts - Short sleeves 1998 Authentic
A black shirt with "Bad Religion" in red on the front. On the upper back is "Suffer", a crossbuster and the sufferboy.
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Item name Category Year Authenticity
Bad Religion - Inverted Crossbuster -Sticker - Sticker (162x205) Bad Religion - Inverted Crossbuster -Sticker Stickers & decals Unknown Authentic
A Bad Religion "Inverted Crossbuster" -logo with black, red, and white ink on a vinyl sticker. Measures approx 3” x 4”. Sold by Kings Road Merch from somewhere in the beginning of the 2010's.