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Item name Category Year Authenticity
Crossbuster Pom Beanie - Beanie (1000x1000) Crossbuster Pom Beanie Headwear 2020 Authentic
Black, red, and white Pom beanie featuring a crossbuster on the brim and the Bad Religion text logo. Sold by Kings Road Merch.
Crossbuster Snapback Hat - Front (1000x1000) Crossbuster Snapback Hat Headwear 2019 Authentic
Bad Religion Monochrome Crossbuster 3D Hat. Sold by Kings Road Merch.
Painted Crossbuster - Front (1128x1000) Painted Crossbuster T-shirts - Short sleeves 2014 Authentic
A shirt featuring an alternate, more artistic way on the Bad Religion Crossbuster logo. "Bad Religion" 's "Religion" is written in black and white. The cross is also 2-colored, and the buster is portrayed as a paintjob by a wide brush. Sold during the 2014 True North European tour. This particular one at the Bråvalla Festival in Sweden.
Bad Religion Crossbuster Baby Onesie - Front (530x641) Bad Religion Crossbuster Baby Onesie Other clothing & accessories 2013 Authentic
Available in all sizes from newborn to eighteen months (which is what is pictured). The sizing runs a bit large as a 2 1/2 year old fits into it easily, and its very comfortable. Sold during the True North American tour.
BR text logo snapback hat - Front And Back (600x600) BR text logo snapback hat Headwear 2012 Authentic
This official Bad Religion hat has a front embroidery of 6” wide which reads "Bad Religion", and on the back there is a small crossbuster.
30 Years of  Punk Rock - Front (1264x1000) 30 Years of Punk Rock T-shirts - Short sleeves 2011 Authentic
This censored version of a classic shirt was sold by Hot Topic. The shirt's front features the classic Crossbuster logo and on the back the text: "Bad Religion - 30 Years Of - Punk Rock - 1980-2010" above a smaller crossbuster.
Crossbuster - Front (1000x750) Crossbuster T-shirts - Short sleeves 2010 Authentic
Standard crossbuster design on the front. Purchased on the Dissent of Man tour.
No Control Album Cover - Front (1191x897) No Control Album Cover T-shirts - Short sleeves 2010 Authentic
A black shirt featuring the cover artwork of the 'No Control' album. Sold by Kings Road Merch.
All Good Soldiers - Front (1227x1000) All Good Soldiers T-shirts - Short sleeves 2004 Authentic
A shirt featuring a group of soldiers with skull-heads under "Bad Religion" in yellow. On the back is written "They'll Go Anywhere The President Says" in white. Shirt sold during the The Empire Strikes First European tour.
Soldiers -Baseball Cap -  (1311x1000) Soldiers -Baseball Cap Headwear 2004 Authentic
A baseball cap featuring "Bad Religion" in red white cloth on the front, soldiers and a crossbuster in gray on the left side of the brim and a small crossbuster on the back left.
Worn Crossbuster - Front (1000x750) Worn Crossbuster T-shirts - Short sleeves 2001 Authentic
This shirt features Bad Religion text across the front with a crossbuster. This text used is a departure from their typical font.
Punker Stripe - Red - Front (677x760) Punker Stripe - Red T-shirts - Long sleeves 2000 Authentic
A longsleeved shirt that has "Bad Religion " and a small crossbuster within a stripe of four white lines.
Punker Stripe - Red - Front (1024x768) Punker Stripe - Red T-shirts - Short sleeves 2000 Authentic
This shirt features the text Bad Religion in red, and in a much smaller font than any of their other shirts. Behind the text are four stripes that encircle a small crossbuster. This shirt is also available in black.