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Collectibles collection of gogokain (3 items)
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Item name Category Year Authenticity
The Dissent Of Man - Beige (1231x1000) The Dissent Of Man T-shirts - Short sleeves 2010 Authentic
A shirt featuring "Bad Religion" in red above the Riotguy, Fig. 1 and "The Dissent Of Man". Sold at Kings Road Merch.
Flames Crossbuster - Front (1024x768) Flames Crossbuster T-shirts - Short sleeves 2000 Authentic
This shirt was sold on The New America tour. It features 'Bad Religion' in the standard font, and right below are flames with a crossbuster in the middle.
Bad Religion - Text - Front (1000x750) Bad Religion - Text T-shirts - Short sleeves Unknown Authentic
This shirt is solid black with Bad Religion in white outlined lettering across the front in the standard font.