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40th Anniversary Pin - Front (1058x965)
Buttons, pins & patches 2020 Authentic
1" x 1" black and gold enamel pin celebrating the 40th anniversary of Bad Religion. These pins were supposed to have been sold at shows during the 40th anniversary tours. When the tours got canceled, the pins were given to The Bad Religion Page to be sold to fans; all proceeds were donated to charity.
Suffer Skate Deck - Front - Alt (640x640)
Suffer Skate Deck - Front (720x960)
Skate decks 2020 Authentic
Skate deck featuring the album artwork from Suffe. Made in Austrailia and sold by MerchBar. Limited to 150.
Age of Unreason skate deck - Bottom side (1000x1000)
Skate decks 2019 Authentic
Limited to 100 - hand numbered - made in Australia 8" width skate deck on Canadian maple wood.
Crossbuster Keychain - Keychain sealed (750x1000)
Other miscellaneous 2019 Authentic
A metal keychain with the crossbuster on both sides.
Graffiti Bad Religion Patch - Patch (348x218)
Buttons, pins & patches 2019 Authentic
A black 2" x 4.75" iron-on patch featuring the graffiti Bad Religion text logo in white.
Graffiti Crossbuster Patch - Patch (287x279)
Buttons, pins & patches 2019 Authentic
A 3.125" in diameter iron-on patch featuring the "Graffiti Crossbuster" design.
Greg Graffin Throbblehead - No title (488x1000)
Other miscellaneous 2019 Authentic
7 inch tall polyresin "throbblehead" figurine of Greg Graffin.
Naughty Nuns Patch - Patch (256x368)
Buttons, pins & patches 2019 Authentic
A 2.5" x 4.125" iron-on patch featuring the 2007 "Naughty Nuns" design.
Suffer woven blanket - Full (1000x1000)
Suffer woven blanket - Closeup (1000x1000)Suffer woven blanket - Front (750x1000)
Other miscellaneous 2019 Authentic
The artwork from the seminal Bad Religion album ‘Suffer‘, featured on a warm, comfortable, high quality 50” x 60” woven blanket. Sold by KingsRoad.
Tony Hawk
Skate decks 2019 Authentic
A skate deck featuring a design for the 20th anniversary of the [[Video games|Tony Hawk's Pro Skater]] video game.
Uncle Sam Mug - Front Design (1000x1000)
Uncle Sam Mug - Alternate Angle (1000x1000)
Other miscellaneous 2017 Authentic
White mug featuring the Bad Religion text logo and the "Zombie Uncle Sam" design on a field of red flames.
Crossbuster Yo-Yo - CB Yo-Yo (732x732)
Other miscellaneous 2016 Unknown
A wooden black yo-yo with the Crossbuster in both sides. Bought in Barcelona in July 2016. It had a sign next to it saying "Only 200 have been made. Please don't steal me".
Guitar Pick - Later Nerds - Front (697x697)
Guitar Pick - Later Nerds - Back (697x697)
Instruments and such 2016 Authentic
Tortex - A guitar pick used by from Brian Baker in Barcelona, July 2016.
Bad Religion Crossbuster Mousepad - Mousepad (1217x1000)
Bad Religion Crossbuster Mousepad - Sales pic. (672x560)
Other miscellaneous 2015 Bootleg
Tortex - An unauthentic mousepad from Spain featuring the classic Bad Religion Crossbuster logo design. The pad size is 22cm x 18cm and it is 3mm thick.
Crossbuster -Patch - Front (724x694)
Crossbuster -Patch - Back (662x694)
Buttons, pins & patches 2015 Authentic
Tortex - An embroidered Crossbuster patch. 3'' in diameter. Sold as a sew-on, but apparently it is an iron-on patch. Sold by KRM US.
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