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Item name Country Format Label Catalog ID Year Disc / Label details
True North - Front (stickered) (1006x1000)
True North - Vinyl side A (1009x1000)
True North United States 12" Epitaph Records 87228-1 2013 Vinyl: Black / Label: Printed
Comes with free CD (catalog# 87228-2). The color of the cover differs (more greenish) from the European version. The printed dust sleeve is also thinner than the European version.
16 tracks - Cardboard sleeve and printed dust sleeve
The Dissent of Man - Front (712x712)
The Dissent of Man Europe CD Epitaph Europe 6988-2 2010
15 tracks - Jewel case
New Maps of Hell - Front (836x726)
New Maps of Hell Europe CD Epitaph Europe 2007
Issued with transparent hype sticker on jewel case and white tray.
16 tracks - Jewel case
The Empire Strikes First - Front (889x889)
The Empire Strikes First United States CD Epitaph Records 86694-2 2004
14 tracks
No Substance - Front (1011x1000)
No Substance Germany CD Dragnet DRA 489570 2 1998
Dragnet 172
16 tracks - Jewel case
The Gray Race - Front (1132x980)
The Gray Race Japan CD Epic | Sony 1996
Includes a Japanese booklet.
17 tracks - Jewel case with obi
Stranger Than Fiction - Front (1014x1000)
Stranger Than Fiction Germany CD Dragnet | Sony Ger. DRA 477343 2 1994
Dragnet 50
17 tracks - Jewel case
Generator - Front (722x715)
Generator United States CD Epitaph Records E-86416-2 1992
11 tracks - Jewel case
Against The Grain - Front (800x800)
Against The Grain - Side One (1000x1000)
Against The Grain United States 12" Epitaph Records 1990 Vinyl: Black / Label: Black
First Pressing.
The first pressing can be identified by the large ring indent in the centre label.
17 tracks - Cardboard sleeve and dust sleeve
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