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Discography collection of zabetoulaBR (8 items)
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Item name Country Format Label Catalog ID Year Disc / Label details
The Empire Strikes First - Front (716x709)
The Empire Strikes First Europe CD Epitaph Europe 6694-2 2004
14 tracks - Jewel case
Suffer - Front (528x520)
Suffer - CD (2592x1944)
Suffer Europe CD Epitaph Europe 2004
Different artwork CD.
15 tracks - Remaster - Jewel case
The Process of Belief - Front (Cardboard sleeve) (892x800)
The Process of Belief Europe CD Epitaph Europe 6635-2 2002
14 tracks - O-card slipcase and jewel case
The New America - Front (1006x1000)
The New America Germany CD Dragnet DRA 498124 2 2000
Dragnet 189. German 13 track version with the US cover art.
13 tracks
The Gray Race - Front (709x710)
The Gray Race Germany CD Dragnet DRA 483652 9 1996
Dragnet 118
16 tracks - Jewel case
Stranger Than Fiction - Front (1014x1000)
Stranger Than Fiction Germany CD Dragnet | Sony Ger. DRA 477343 2 1994
Dragnet 50
17 tracks - Jewel case
Recipe For Hate - Front (712x710)
Recipe For Hate United States CD Epitaph Records 1993
The US version with the European/Japanese CD artwork.
14 tracks - Jewel case
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Item name Country Format Label Catalog ID Year Disc / Label details
Live At The Palladium - Front (730x1000)
Live At The Palladium Europe DVD Epitaph Europe 2006
31 tracks - Cardboard keep case
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