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Item name Country Format Label Catalog ID Year Disc / Label details
Age of Unreason - Front (640x640)
Age of Unreason United States CD Epitaph 2019
"What Tomorrow Brings" contains the hidden track 'The Kids Are Alt-Right', which begins at 3:09 of Track 14. and "The Profane Rights of Man" features as a Bonus track.
15 tracks - Cardboard case with 2 pockets, one each for lyric sheet &cd
Into The Unknown - Front (1613x1600)
Into The Unknown United States 12" Epitaph 2018 Vinyl: Black / Label: Black and Blue
Fan Club edition
This is easily identified by the mistake on the back cover that says 'Greg Gurewitz'
8 tracks - Cardboard sleeve and dust sleeve
30 Years Live - Front (1002x1000)
30 Years Live United States 12" Epitaph 99977-1 2016 Vinyl: Black / Label: Black
While the album was never released on vinyl initially, 6 years after the release date it was reissued on vinyll in clear, red, silver and standard black versions.
Download card included.
17 tracks - Reissue
True North - Front (2850x2832)
True North United States CD Epitaph Records 87228-2 2013
16 tracks - Jewel case
The Dissent of Man - Front (997x1000)
The Dissent of Man United States CD Epitaph Records 86988-2 2010
15 tracks - Jewel case
Recipe For Hate - Front Cover (988x1000)
Recipe For Hate - A-Side (992x1000)
Recipe For Hate United States 12" Epitaph Records 86420-1 2009 Vinyl: Black / Label: Black
Labels are glossy and have new style Epitaph Logo.
The Wrap around legal text on the labels have a light purple hue and the updated Epitaph address (2798 Sunset Boulevard)
14 tracks - Reissue - Cardboard sleeve
New Maps of Hell - Front (1029x1000)
New Maps of Hell United States CD Epitaph Records 86863 2 2007
16 tracks - Jewel case
The Empire Strikes First - LP Front (600x600)
The Empire Strikes First - Vinyl Side A (1013x1000)
The Empire Strikes First United States 12" Epitaph Records 86694-1 2004 Vinyl: Black
14 tracks - Cardboard sleeve and printed dust sleeve
How Could Hell Be Any Worse? - Front (972x960)
How Could Hell Be Any Worse? United States CD Epitaph 2004
28 tracks - Reissue - Remaster - Jewel case
The Empire Strikes First - Front (944x940)
The Empire Strikes First Brazil CD Sum Records 2004
Side of the record says "AD0006000".
14 tracks - Reissue - Jewel case
The Process of Belief - Front (1452x1440)
The Process of Belief Brazil CD Sum Records | Epitaph Records 2067-2 2002
14 tracks - Jewel case
Generator - Front (599x605)
Generator Brazil CD Epitaph Records | Roadrunner Records 2001
Printed In Brazil.
Repress does not have Compact Disc logo or Cat ID on the CD
11 tracks - Reissue - Jewel case
Suffer - Front (929x941)
Suffer - CD (938x941)
Suffer Brazil CD Sum Records 6390-2 2000
The booklet is just the other side of the front cover (without lyrics or album credits).
15 tracks - Jewel case
The New America - Front (784x781)
The New America Brazil CD Epic | Dragnet 2000
13 tracks - Jewel case
Against The Grain - Front (788x610)
Against The Grain Brazil CD Epitaph Records, Paradoxx 1309157-1 1999
17 tracks - Issued in a standard jewel case with a black cd tray.
No Substance - Front (788x772)
No Substance Brazil CD Sony Music Entertainment 758.443/2-489570 1998
16 tracks - Jewel case
Tested - Front (942x939)
Tested Brazil CD Sony Music Ent. 758.329 / 2-486986 1997
27 tracks - Jewel case
Recipe For Hate - Front (781x775)
Recipe For Hate Brazil CD Paradoxx 1996
Guitarist Greg Hetson appears in the photo but is not mentioned in the booklet.

14 tracks - Jewel case
All Ages - Front (792x782)
All Ages Brazil CD Paradoxx OXX 1173-1 1995
22 tracks - Jewel case
The Gray Race - Front (600x595)
The Gray Race Brazil CD Epic | Sony Music Entertainment 752.319/2-483652 1995
15 tracks - Reissue - Jewel case
Stranger Than Fiction - Front (937x934)
Stranger Than Fiction Brazil CD Dragnet | Epic | Sony Music Ent. Brasil 789.076 | 2-477343 1994
This is Dragnet 50. The booklet's color/artwork/photos are a bit darker than on the US and Euro releases. The inlay is of thicker, rougher matte paper.
17 tracks - Jewel case
No Control - Front (709x714)
No Control United States CD Epitaph Records 1989
Two titles are incorrectly named on the CD: Track #4 "Sometimes It Feels Like" and Track #15 "The World Won't Stop Without You".
The spines on this release are both yellow.
15 tracks - Jewel case
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Item name Country Format Label Catalog ID Year Disc / Label details
The Riot - Front (3132x4368)
The Riot Brazil DVD Videolar | Imagem Music K0012 | AA0015000 2014
Unknown whether this is a bootleg or not. DVD features 3 extra tracks; "The Riot" (documentary) and remastered versions of "Doin' Time" and "Part III."
20 tracks - Keep case
Live At The Palladium - Front (408x579)
Live At The Palladium Brazil DVD Radar Records / Wet Music 2009
Includes Bonus features:
- Six music videos, including "American Jesus", "Atomic Garden" and "Los Angeles Is Burning"
- Rare live TV appearances from 1981 to 1983.
- Photo gallery with new and vintage photos.
31 tracks - Keep case.
Along The Way - Front (547x1000)
Along The Way United States VHS Epitaph Records | Tribal Video E86414-3 1991
28 tracks - Keep case
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