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Item name Country Format Label Catalog ID Year Disc / Label details
Age of Unreason - Front (640x640)
Age of Unreason United States CD Epitaph 2019
"What Tomorrow Brings" contains the hidden track 'The Kids Are Alt-Right', which begins at 3:09 of Track 14. and "The Profane Rights of Man" features as a Bonus track.
15 tracks - Cardboard case with 2 pockets, one each for lyric sheet &cd
Stranger Than Fiction - Front (955x941)
Stranger Than Fiction United States CD Epitaph 86994-2 2018
15 tracks - Reissue - Remaster - Jewel case
New Maps of Hell - Front (1029x1000)
New Maps of Hell United States CD Epitaph Records 86863 2 2007
16 tracks - Jewel case
Against The Grain - Front (600x580)
Against The Grain United States CD Epitaph Records 2004
Different artwork front cover and CD.
17 tracks - Remaster - Jewel case
Generator - Front (998x1000)
Generator United States CD Epitaph Records 2004
Different artwork CD.
13 tracks - Remaster - Jewel case
The Process of Belief - Front (1011x1000)
The Process of Belief United States CD Epitaph Records 86635-2 2002
14 tracks - O-card slipcase and jewel case
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