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Item name Country Format Label Catalog ID Year Disc / Label details
No Substance Radio Concert - Front (770x768)
No Substance Radio Concert United States CD Bad Records BR-78459-2 1999
Tracks 1-13: May 4, 1998 - The Roxy, Hollywood, CA, USA
Tracks 13-31: June 22, 1997 - Go Bang Festival - Flugplatzgelände, Munich, Germany
31 tracks - Jewel case
21st Century Live In Consert - Front (1003x1000)
21st Century Live In Consert Germany CD Gema BAD 001 / SW001 (CD) 1995
Recorded on October 8, 1994 in Gothenburg.
28 tracks - Jewel case
1993 Peel Sessions - Front (600x596)
1993 Peel Sessions - Vinyl side 1 (709x707)
1993 Peel Sessions United States 7" Unknown JPS-006 1994 Vinyl: Black / Label: White
Large center holes.
4 tracks - Promo - Cardboard sleeve
Turn On The Music - Front (1002x1000)
Turn On The Music Europe CD Sirius Records SR 010 1993
27 tracks - Jewel case
Live '93 Germany CD n/a BRCD 93 1993
Even though it is called "Live 93", the show was recorded in Philipshalle in Düsseldorf, Germany on April 19, 1992. This record is also the same as "Fuck The Government".
22 tracks - Jewel case
Operation Holland - Front (799x800)
Operation Holland Germany CD Bundy Records SE 322 1993
Recorded live at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on April 18, 1992. Other bootlegs from this show are "Nevermind The Cat", "Only Entertainment" and "Epitaph".
21 tracks - Jewel case
Last Exit For The Lost - Front (995x987)
Last Exit For The Lost Italy CD Transatlantic Records IBR 2105 1993
Recorded at 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, CA on October 21, 1989.
20 tracks - Jewel case
Between Heaven And Hell - Front  (600x600)
Between Heaven And Hell - Vinyl (600x600)
Between Heaven And Hell Denmark 12" Subversive Rock Productions S.R.P (007) 1991 Cover: Red / Vinyl: Red / Label: White
Recorded at the Rose Club in Cologne, Germany, on July 6, 1990. The tracks on this recording are mixed up. Another recording of this show can be found on the 'Delirium Of Disorder' bootleg.
26 tracks - Colored vinyl - Cardboard sleeve
Hate Yourself - Front (708x705)
Hate Yourself Germany CD Live Life Records LL CD 9108 1991
Even though the back cover says "Live European tour '89 Netherlands" this bootleg was actually recorded at the Arena, Vienna, Austria on August 28, 1989. The bootleg is also on vinyl called 'We're Not The Damned.'
26 tracks - Jewel case
No Control At The Country Club Live - Front (836x830)
No Control At The Country Club Live - Vinyl side 1 (825x828)
No Control At The Country Club Live United States 7" Nemesis Records n/a 1990 Vinyl: Black
Recorded on December 23, 1989 at the Country Club in Reseda, CA, USA. The backside states that Modern Man was played; this is in fact We're Only Gonna Die...
2 tracks - Paper sleeve
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