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Item name Country Format Label Catalog ID Year Disc / Label details
Punk Rock Songs (The Epic Years) - Front (407x659)
Turkey MC Epic | Sony Müzik Türkiye 2002
25 tracks - Cassette Case
The New America - Front (307x483)
Turkey MC Sony Muzik Turkiye 2000
13 tracks - Cassette case
No Substance - Front (293x480)
Turkey MC Sony Muzik Turkiye | Dragnet 1998
16 tracks - Cassette case
Tested - Front (564x913)
Turkey MC Sony Müzik Türkiye 486986-4 1997
27 tracks - Compilation
The Gray Race - Front (227x361)
Turkey MC Sony Muzik Turkiye 1996
Turkish tape version made by Sony Müzik Türkiye and distributed by Balet Plak.
15 tracks - Cassette case
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