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Quote of the day: "We're one nation under God, we stand above the rest, with mighty high technology, we're never second best" - Part II (The Numbers Game)
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Item name Country Format Label Catalog ID Year Disc / Label details
The Empire Strikes First - Front (3060x2958)
Argentina CD Sum Records | Epitaph Records 2908-2 2004
Appears to be the same as the Brazilian version, except this one says "industria argentina". The side of the record is also different from the Brazilian version.
14 tracks - Jewel case
The New America - Front (2928x2976)
Argentina CD Epic | Dragnet | Sony Music Entertainment 2-498124 2000
Back and CD say "Industria Argentina". Track #14 is not included on disc.
14 tracks - Jewel case
No Substance - Front (962x974)
Argentina CD Sony Music Enterteiment (Argentina)/ Dragnet/ epic 489570 2 1998
16 tracks - Jewel case
80-85 - Front (2904x2898)
Argentina CD Epitaph Records | Main Records 2-3024 1995
Not yet confirmed whether this is a bootleg or a reissue. The barcode has been replaced by the "Main Records" logo. The tracklist (back) and the text (side) have a different font than the original.
28 tracks - Jewel case
Recipe For Hate - Front (1106x966)
Argentina CD DG Discos | Epitaph | BMG ECD 65018 1993
Back design is completely different from original. There's also no barcode and the tracklist has some errors ("It Struck A Nerve", "My Poor Friend", "Don't Prey On Me" and "Modern Day Catastrophist."
14 tracks - Jewel case
Recipe For Hate - Front cover and Side 2 (500x391)
Argentina MC DG Discos TM3 65818 1993
14 tracks - Cassette case
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Item name Country Format Label Catalog ID Year Disc / Label details
The Riot - Front (1559x2189)
Argentina DVD LA ACCESS | SBP Unknown 2014
DVD with Spanish subtitles. Back says "Industria Argentina" and it also features extra bonus material (previously unreleased skateboarding footage and ''I Want to Conquer the World'' live at Hollywood Palladium).
17 tracks - Keep case
Sex Pistols and Bad Religion Split - Back (731x1000)
Argentina DVD LA ACCESS | SBP 2010
The Bad Religion portion of this DVD is The Riot.
19 tracks - Split - Keep case
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Item name Country Format Label Catalog ID Year Disc / Label details
difu Cut - Front (695x509)
Argentina CD difu Cut Disco 017 1994
cd says:''solo para uso radial. prohibida su venta. debe anunciar el interprete al pasarlo''.
1 track - Promo - Jewel case
Punk-O-Rama -  (592x468)
Argentina CD Main Records 1994
0 tracks - Compilation - Jewel case
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