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DL misc releases
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Item name Country Format Label Catalog ID Year Disc / Label details
We support Ukraine - Cover (915x952)
United States DL Epitaph 2022
Bandcamp compilation.
100% of the album proceeds go to humanitarian aid by Doctors Without Borders.
We thank our artists for donating their music.
1 track - Compilation
Chimes of Freedom - Front (450x450)
United States DL Shangri-La 2012
Four disc album with 75 newly recorded Bob Dylan songs by over 80 artists to honor Amnesty International's 50th anniversary.
1 track - Compilation
Germs Of Perfection: A Tribute To Bad Religion - Front (540x540)
United States DL Myspace Records 2010
Released for free by MySpace in conjunction with Spin Magazine.
In addition to the 12 cover tracks (which were 160 kbps) the bonus track 'The Devil In Stitches' from the album 'Dissent Of Man' is included (which was 320 kbps).
13 tracks - Compilation
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