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Written by: Greg Graffin
Released in: 2008
BPM: 120
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These rational delusions have got to cease,
The second hand has finally got the best of me,
I’m too aware about the singularity
That brought me to the edge of time.
And it’s always on my mind now...

They say what has past is coming back some day,
The world is turning faster, but it’s just one way
And I’m desperate to try almost anything to abate...

A simple chronophobia,
A simple chronophobia now,
A simple chronophobia,
A simple chronophobia now.

Maybe there’s a science or technology,
To help me come to terms with my maker.
Since natural selection never banked on me,
I must be an exception to the plan.
And someone help me understand, now...

Cryogenic methods are intractable
And collagen polymers aren’t so terrible,
But they still can’t prevent the inevitable farewell.

A simple chronophobia,
A simple chronophobia now,
A simple chronophobia,
A simple chronophobia now.

Version Length Release Catalog ID Country Format Year
1:55 New Maps of Hell 86914-2 United States CD 2008
1:55 New Maps of Hell 86914-2 Europe CD 2008
New Maps of Hell n/a United States CD 2008
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