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Follow The Leader
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Written by: Greg Graffin, Jay Bentley, Brian Baker, Bobby Schayer
Released in: 1999
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A loose cannon on your shoulder
You've got a strawberry on your hips
And you've got some phantasmical images
And you've got, you've got your rich hips
Cuz, you're all looking for adventure
And you've got earphones on your bicycles
There's people watching over
And you got a bong in your pocket
You could...

Follow the leader
Follow the leader
Follow the leader
Follow the leader

Put some leader on the tape
Give batman back his cape
Don't ask for a sucker
You stupid motherfucker

I've got a lot of problems
Cuz I sound like Beck
What I do over in Germany
Is order a lot of Speck
You know what I'm talking about
When you go home for dinner
You gotta keep on your shoulder

Follow the leader
Follow the leader
Follow the leader
Follow the leader

We're not the Foo Fighters
On Saturday, we like our gliders
If you go home for pizza
You kiss Mother Theresa

She is in her coffin
Lady Diana's coffin

Version Length Release Catalog ID Country Format Year
Not specified
4:28 No Substance PRCD 8531B United States CD 1998
4:28 No Substance United States CD 1998
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