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Fucked Up Children
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Written by: Greg Graffin
Remark: This is a demo song written prior to Stranger Than Fiction.
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A city sidewalk in urban decay
One boy is watching, the others all play
Inside he's hard 'cuz he's not wanted at home
He cracks a sneer and they leave him alone
And so he flounders socially
His teachers fear for what he might be
But they could never have imagined that day
When he stole Daddy's gun and blew his friends away

Fucked up children, our typical scene
Ingrained for eternity
Fucked up children, it's you and me
Just one of life's strange intricacies

A house of profit, all suits and ties
A darkened war room, purveyors of lies
Their clothes are different but inside they're the same
Social autism doesn't hinder their game
They foster hatred for what they been through
They impart suffering on me and you
And there's no conscience or discretion or pain
Just bitter memories 'bout the household from whence they came

Fucked up children in business suits
With nothing better to do
Fucked up children, it's you and me
Just one of life's strange Intricacies

And the parents are to blame
(The parents are to blame)
It's a monster they created
And the monster doesn't go away

Fucked up children in Daddy's shoes
Spawning offspring to abuse
Fucked up children, everywhere
Fucked up parents who don't care

Fucked up children, yeah yeah (3x)

Just one of life's strange intricacies

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