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Losing Generation
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Written by: Greg Graffin
Released in: 1983
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The systems of life hum accordingly
Every day, every year, every century.
But everywhere humans go things get worse and worse;
Can't you tell through the smoke in the dirty city?

The jungle was once a tranquil hideaway
For the kind of trees and the mountains themselves.
But man those things sell a million dollars a pound,
Cut them up, dry them out, good display for the shelves.
Why can't we just leave them alone?

Who is the animal?
Who is that dangerous beast?
Why were the other ones made?
I know it wasn't just for our feast.

And now they're down to 250 lone souls,
They're a breed of a losing generation, it seems.
The killers are ourselves so you know who to blame,
It was man with his plan and his frightening greed.
I don't think we'll ever leave them alone.

Who is the animal?
Who is that dangerous beast?
Why were the other ones made?
I know it wasn't just for our feast.
Version Length Release Catalog ID Country Format Year
Album version
3:36 Into The Unknown United States 12" 2018
3:36 Into The Unknown 87120-1 // EPI-BRLP2 United States 12" 2010
3:36 Into The Unknown EPI-BRLP 02 United States 12" 1983
3:36 Into The Unknown EPI-BRLP2 United States 12" 1983
Not specified
3:37 Into The Unknown N/A United States 8-Track 2018
3:37 Into The Unknown n/a United States CD 2004
Into The Unknown epi-bripcd1 | EPI-BRCD United States CD 2004
3:37 Into The Unknown United States CD 1994
3:37 Into The Unknown BT 012 Germany 12" 1992
3:37 Into The Unknown DDR-CD-001 France CD 1992
Into The Unknown BT 012 Germany CD 1992
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