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Only Entertainment
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Written by: Greg Graffin
Released in: 1992
BPM: 100
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Transfixated on the big blue screen:
Your window to the outside,
A melancholy dream,
A medium upon which you build reality.
This episodic currency,
That everybody needs.

Somebody's delivery lulls you to sleep.
The man behind the weather map,
The editor in chief,
They control the worlds
Of power and disease,
And you cannot supress your curiosity.

See, it's only entertainment:
Superficial urgency,
Posterboard mentality.
Only entertainment.
Tightly constrained,
The buzz that remains
Is the story of how we run our lives.

Hey! Many are the people poor and suffering
From the lack of coverage
From the transmission beam,
And if it ever gets there,
You'll be offended too
'Cause you cannot distinguish
Chicanery from truth.

See, it's only entertainment:
A superficial episode
As life continues to unfold.
Only entertainment.
Controlled and copied,
They've planted the seed
That sprouts into your picture of the world.

Can't someone protect me (turn away, turn away)
From this electron beam? (turn away, turn away)
Hey you, Mr. FCC, (turn away, turn away)
Have you no advice for me? (turn away...)

See, it's only entertainment.
Only entertainment,
Only entertainment.
Unoffical facsimile
Leading you to poverty.
Only entertainment,
Only entertainment,
Only entertainment.

Version Length Release Catalog ID Country Format Year
Album version
3:12 Generator United States 12" 2017
3:12 Generator E-86416-1 | 86416-1LIM United States 12" 2014
3:12 Generator E-86416-1 | 86416-1GRA United States 12" 2014
3:12 Generator United States 12" 2011
3:12 Generator E 86416-1 United States 12" 2010
3:12 Generator Russia CD 2007
3:12 Generator Australia CD 2004
3:12 Generator Brazil CD 2001
3:12 Generator Brazil CD 1999
3:12 Generator Brazil CD 1999
3:12 Generator ESCA-6111 Japan CD 1995
3:12 Generator E-86416-4 United States MC 1992
3:12 Generator United States 12" 1992
3:12 Generator United States 12" 1992
3:12 Generator E-86416-2 United States CD 1992
3:12 Generator E-6416-2 Europe CD 1992
3:12 Generator Canada CD 1992
3:12 Generator TJK 207 Thailand MC 1992
3:12 Generator Malaysia MC 1992
3:12 Generator Russia MC 1992
3:12 Generator United States CD 2004
3:12 Generator Europe CD 2004
3:12 Generator United States CD 2004
3:12 Generator Russia CD 2004
Not specified
Generator tbd United States CD 1992
3:10 Generator 1738 Poland MC 1992
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