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Quote of the day: "God I want to be a man but I don't want to die with a rifle in my hand" - Heaven Is Falling
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The Dissent Of Man - No image (x)
Review | Internet 9/23/2010 Finnish
No synopsis available
Source: (Finland)
Ihmisen asialla vuosikymmenestä toiseen - Page 1 (1018x1400)
Interview | Magazine 9/1/2010 Finnish PDF/JPEG
No synopsis available
Source: Soundi, September 2010, pp. 89-91 (Finland)
With: Jay Bentley
Puhelinsoitto punkkarille - Page 1 (1925x1400)
Interview | Magazine 8/1/2007 Finnish PDF/JPEG
In this phone interview, Brett talks about the new album, changing the world and running his business at Epitaph.
Source: Sue #109 (August 2007) (Finland)
With: Brett Gurewitz
Keski-ikäistä kiukkua - Page 1 (1925x1400)
Interview | Magazine 1/1/2004 Finnish PDF/JPEG
No synopsis available
Source: Rumba, no. 10, 2004 (Finland)
With: Brian Baker
Jenkkibändi Bad Religion:  - Page 1 (1700x1186)
Interview | Magazine 10/1/2000 Finnish PDF/JPEG
A short interview with Brian and Greg Hetson about punk in general and British punk in particular and, of course, Bad Religion.
Source: Suosikki, October 2000 (Finland)
With: Brian Baker, Greg Hetson
Neljästoista kerta toden sanoo - Page 1 (1925x1400)
Interview | Magazine 1/1/2000 Finnish PDF/JPEG
No synopsis available
Source: Rumba, no. 8, 2000 (Finland)
With: Greg Graffin
Bad Religion haistatti kumikäryt Innpeachille - Page 1 (1018x1400)
Interview | Magazine 11/1/1998 Finnish PDF/JPEG
Bad Religion (represented by Jay Bentley, Bobby Schayer, Greg Hetson and Greg Graffin along with some crew members) in a go kart race against the Finnish band Innpeach.
Source: Suosikki (November 1998) (Finland)
With: Bobby Schayer, Greg Graffin, Greg Hetson, Jay Bentley
Globaalia substanssia - Page 1 (1700x1148)
Interview | Magazine 3/27/1998 Finnish PDF/JPEG
Greg Hetson talks about No Substance (Raise Your Voice, The Biggest Killer In American History) and the Gulf War.
Source: Rumba, no. 6, p. 15, March 27, 1998
With: Greg Hetson
Keikkailua ja kiekkoilua - Page 1 (1925x1400)
Interview | Magazine 1/1/1998 Finnish PDF/JPEG
Greg talks about the Internet, the Research Fund and politics. Also included is an excerpt of the Bad Religion Lexicon.
Source: Rumba, no. 17, 1998 (Finland)
With: Greg Graffin
Soundi, October 1994, pp. 54-56 - Cover (1018x1400)
Interview | Magazine 10/1/1994 Finnish PDF/JPEG
Jay and Greg talk about the move to Atlantic Records, guest musicians on Stranger Than Fiction, Greg's academic career and moving away from L.A.
Source: Soundi, October 1994, pp. 54-56 (Finland)
With: Jay Bentley
Historia on opettanut meille pelkkää vihaa - Page 1 (1018x1400)
Article | Magazine 7/1/1993 Finnish PDF/JPEG
An article covering Bad Religion's career up until Recipe For Hate, interspersed by comments from Jay Bentley.
Source: Soundi (July 1993) (Finland)
With: Jay Bentley
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