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kilScene (January 2015) - No image (x)
Interview | Internet 1/23/2015 English Video
Jay talks about touring, setlists, and favourite venues.
Source: kilScene (link to youtube) (January 2015) (United States)
With: Jay Bentley
Pandora (April 2009) - Screenshot (329x182)
Interview | Internet 4/24/2009 Video
Pandora interviewed Bad Religion for their on-going series. It was created, shot and edited by Zack Merck who also did the Live At The Palladium DVD. In this interview, the band talks about how they have managed to not only stay together, but stay relevant for this long. They also talk about the song writing process.
Source: Pandora (April 2009) (United States)
With: Brett Gurewitz, Brian Baker, Brooks Wackerman, Greg Graffin, Greg Hetson, Jay Bentley
Exclaim TV Episode 47 - Screenshot (320x242)
Interview | Internet 9/27/2008 Video
Exclaim TV talks with Jay Bentley about Bad Religion being famous for their songs in video games such as Guitar Hero.
Source: Exclaim TV (September 27, 2008) (United States)
With: Jay Bentley
Brooks shares his festival feeling at Pinkpop - Screenshot (321x202)
Interview | Internet 5/31/2008 Video
He tells about the various projects he is involved in, the greatest band the world Tenacious D for example. Furthermore he tells something about his own project with his brother. And we actually get to witness an appearantly big event; Greg talks to Brooks!
Source: Toazted (Netherlands)
With: Brooks Wackerman
Jay Bentley on Complete Control Radio - Screenshot (291x218)
Interview | Internet 4/1/2008 Video
Joe Sib interviews Jay Bentley for his radio show Complete Control. Jay talks about the early years of the band.
Source: Complete Control Radio (April 2008) (United States)
With: Jay Bentley
Dude Soup with Brian Baker - Screenshot (319x193)
Interview | Television 1/1/2008 Video
New Found Glory and Brian Baker of Bad Religion take to the kiddie pool to discuss motorcycle gangs, haircuts and tackle some Warped Tour trivia.
Source: Fuse On Demand (United States)
With: Brian Baker
Sally*sTV vs Bad Religion - Zu Besuch bei Brett Gurewitz - Snapshot (640x368)
Interview | Internet 7/1/2007 Video
An interview with Brett at Epitaph headquarters in which he talks about Bad Religion's album "New Maps Of Hell" and about the 25th anniversary of Epitaph.
Source: Sally*sTV
With: Brett Gurewitz
Bad Religion Backstage Footage - Screenshot (397x291)
Article | Internet 1/1/2006 Video
Backstage footage from The Riot Special Edition. The footage includes some chats with Greg, Brett and Jay, a photo shoot with the band, Jay and Brett wrapping up the back drop, etc.
Source: The Riot DVD (2006) (United States)
With: Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin, Greg Hetson, Jay Bentley, Pete Finestone
Rock TV On The Road - Screenshot (315x235)
Interview | Television 5/7/2002 Video
No synopsis available
Source: Rock TV - On The Road (May 2002) (Italy)
With: Jay Bentley
MTV Spin Special - Screenshot (317x238)
Interview | Television 1/28/2002 Video
MTV Spin talks with Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz about Brett rejoining the band, The Process of Belief, writing albums and the 21st Century Digital Boy video clip.
Source: MTV Spin Special (January 2002) (Germany)
With: Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin
Kuhinja: U¸ina with Brett Gurewitz - Screenshot (311x237)
Interview | Television 1/1/2002 Video
Interview with Brett Gurewitz for the weekly "Kuhinja" TV show. The show was broadcast in several parts; this one is called "U¸ina" (Snack). Brett talks about writing for Bad Religion again, running Epitaph, major labels, and 9/11.
Source: Kuhinja - U¸ina, BHT1 (Bosnia Herzegovina)
With: Brett Gurewitz
Guitar lessons with Brian Baker - Screenshot (310x239)
Interview | Internet 3/14/2001 Video interviews Brian Baker about playing guitar, solos, Bad Religion and Dag Nasty, playing banjo, his favorite music, etc. During the interview Brian shows his skills.
Source: (March 2001) (United States)
With: Brian Baker
 Uá Uá (MTV Brazil) - Screenshot (323x242)
Interview | Television 3/13/2001 Video
MTV Brazil talks with the band about video clips, The Clash, being from Southern California, and The Sex Pistols.
Source: Uá Uá MTV Brazil (March 13, 2001) (Brazil)
With: Bobby Schayer, Brian Baker, Greg Graffin, Greg Hetson, Jay Bentley
Japanese television - Screenshot (322x235)
Interview | Television 12/8/2000 Video
This has to be the strangest interview out there.
Source: Japanese television (Japan)
With: Bobby Schayer, Brian Baker, Greg Graffin, Greg Hetson, Jay Bentley
MTV Sushi - Screenshot (322x237)
Interview | Television 8/1/2000 Video
Short interview with Greg Graffin talking about The New America, nationalism, and playing in eastern Germany.
Source: MTV Sushi (2000) (Germany)
With: Greg Graffin
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