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2001 - The New America - European Tour
This tour was canceled.
Reason: The tour was cancelled due to Bobby's shoulder injury.
Tour details
Tour name: 2001 - The New America - European Tour
2001 - The New America - European Tour - Untitled
Tour information:
badreligion.com June 15, 2001:

We, the members of Bad Religion, are very sorry to report that we must postpone the dates of our upcoming European performances. Our drummer, Bobby Schayer has experienced a most unfortunate career-ending injury that has left us stunned and greatly saddened. His doctor tells us that he has lost a very significant amount of motion in his shoulder and he has trouble raising his arm above the level of his chest without excruciating pain. He cannot hit the cymbals, nor perform drum rolls with any degree of intensity, in short, his drum career is over. Bad Religion has lost one of the truly great punk drummers of all time.

We are busy auditioning and rehearsing for our new album. It will be released in October and at that time we will return to Europe to make-up for the postponed shows that we had to suddenly, and unexpectedly abandon. Thanks to all the fans and promoters who will bear with us through this most unfortunate time.
Shows in tour (13)
Date City Country Venue Attendees
06/16/2001 Bremen Germany Aladin Canceled (0)
06/17/2001 Kiel Germany Kieler Woche Canceled (0)
06/19/2001 Stuttgart Germany LKA-Longhorn Canceled (0)
06/20/2001 Munich Germany Babylon Canceled (0)
06/22/2001 Leipzig Germany With Full Force Festival - Flugplatz Roitzschjora Canceled (0)
06/23/2001 Bonn Germany Museumsplatz Canceled (0)
06/23/2001 Dessel Belgium Graspop Festival - Festivalpark Boeretang Canceled (0)
06/25/2001 Madrid Spain Sala Macumba Canceled (0)
06/26/2001 Barcelona Spain Razzmatazz Canceled (0)
06/27/2001 Bilbao Spain Pabellón de la Casilla Canceled (0)
06/29/2001 St. Gallen Switzerland OpenAir St. Gallen - Sittertobel Canceled (0)
06/30/2001 Milan Italy Idroscalo Canceled (0)
07/01/2001 Freiburg Germany Zeltfestival Canceled (0)