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Covers of BR songs
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Article history
07/13 added The Interrupters: Sorrow - By wrong planet
09/21 added We're Only Gonna Die by Sloan; Better Off Dead and Pessimistic Lines by Adam Ragusea; Sorrow by Dave Hause et al. - By wrong planet
09/20 added Digital Boy by: The Clarks, The Crooks, Kristy Majors, 8-Bit Arcade, Anti-Flag, Nomy; American Jesus by Nato, Andrea Rock, Jammy Jams, 8-Bit Arcade; Before You Die by The Destructors; Cease by Ink Bomb; Do What You Want by Stoned Age, Final War, The Absence; Faith Alone by Paul Dempsey; Flat Earth Society by Goleta; Forbidden Beat by The Other; Fuck Armageddon by Dew-Scented, Punk Rock Karaoke, Outbreak; God's Love by All Else Fails; In The Night by Ashers; Conquer The World by Speedtrap; Modern Man by Adrenalized; Sorrow by Mad Caddies, Off With Their Heads, Social Siberia; Yesterday by Hot Graves - By wrong planet
03/21 added Boysetsfire - Don't Pray On Me - By wrong planet
03/18 added Trula Koalicija - American Jesus and You - By wrong planet
07/26 added The Offspring - Do What You Want and No Control - By wrong planet
01/02 added Ensign - Anesthesia - By wrong planet
07/31 added Death By Stereo - Modern Man - By wrong planet
07/11 added Millencolin - Sanity - By wrong planet
07/11 added Millencolin - We're Only Gonna Die - By wrong planet
06/30 added Tim Timebomb and Friends - Los Angeles Is Burning - By wrong planet
03/25 added Toh Kay - Hooray For Me - By wrong planet
03/24 added Senses Fail - Suffer - By wrong planet
02/17 added Tim Timebomb and Friends - Television - By wrong planet
06/11 Added 'Irreverend James and the Critical Mass Choir - American Jesus' - By Marty
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