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Article history
05/13 Added details to TNA demos - By Marty
03/09 Updated the description of the first TNA set of demos (Greg-only) - By Marty
03/02 Added links to the unreleased songs in the discography - By Marty
02/23 Added ToC - By Marty
02/23 Added second The New America set - By Marty
02/23 Added Inner Logic - By Marty
03/06 Fixed The Gray Race tracklist - By Marty
08/31 Added details to the "Full Band Demo" part - By Marty
09/07 Added "I'm Going For A" to A Walk - By Marty
09/07 Added "This Is Just A" to Punk Rock Song - By Marty
09/07 Added "& Fuck You" to Hooray For Me - By Marty
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