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07/24 Added Proximity - By Stinger66
06/03 Added Remember the Daze - 2007 - By Stinger66
05/05 added bleach movie - By Stinger66
05/05 added gilmore girls pic - By Stinger66
03/02 added The rainbow - By Stinger66
11/18 added Wetlands - By wrong planet
11/18 added disclaimer for The Dictator - By wrong planet
03/31 added pictures for "Under the Dome", "Scott Pilgrim", "Dishdogz", "Kids in America", "Cheaper by the Dozen", "PCU" - By wrong planet
07/15 added Under the Dome (series) (2014) - By wrong planet
06/19 added screenshot and details about CSI - By wrong planet
06/07 added Parks and Recreation (series) (2009) - By wrong planet
06/11 Added The Dictator (2012) - By Marty
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